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01/10/09 08:18 PM #1    

Linda Lane (White)

Welcome to the John Muir High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

01/22/09 01:53 AM #2    

Corlis Clary (Nelson)

Does anyone know where I can find and/or purchase a yearbook from 1979?

02/05/09 02:50 PM #3    

Janet Butler (Bittick)

Our classmates on the MEMORY page... does anyone know how they passed ?

02/10/09 12:13 PM #4    

Linda Lane (White)

A limited number of 1979 yearbooks are available for purchase through the website.

02/18/09 09:54 AM #5    

Michael Bendy

Hello everyone, I am coaching the John Muir boys Varsity and I need your help. We are trying to do many things at Muir, for one supply them with the things they need to play sports. We are hosting another Alumni game@ Muir on the 28th of Feb. 10:00 to help raise money. It would be so nice to have everyone that can come out there if only for a half hour. The game cost 30.00 which is how we are raising the money and with that you get a t-shirt and food. Please call me with any questions @ 626-625-8018 and thanks for joining the website it's getting close to the reunion and I hope to see you all there.

Michael Bendy

02/26/09 11:35 AM #6    

Carol Robinson


Psalms 90:12 “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Wisdom redeems the time and makes the most of every opportunity.

Effective time management requires getting Gods heart on what is worth “investing” time in versus what we should not be “spending or even “wasting” time on.

As with anything we do, we must ask ourselves “what kind of return our time investments are yielding”. Time spent is a cost-and you/I must be mindful of the benefits we are exchanging for the cost we incur. The power of Networking!

I'm very happy to be a part of my class reunion site. I see so much potential here it's unreal. We have all gone on to pursue lives that have yeilded us opportunities that we can share with each other in one form or the other.

I'm in business and would like to share and do business with my classmates.

Let's network and see how we can help each other with our goods and services.

Networking is what i do. I have learned in life a closed mouth don't get fed.

04/02/09 05:01 PM #7    

Diane Harder (Davidson)

Do you remember "Muskrat Love"? I must say, I was tired of it almost at once, but it was certainly popular.

I didn't mind disco that much, I don't think. What I did not like was acid rock.

There was a comercial for headache relief. "What does a headache sound like to you?" Well, those guitar licks in acid or heavy rock do not work for me.

Now, of course, not everyone likes country music, but it is such an instinctive pleasure for me, I don't know why.


04/14/09 09:26 AM #8    

Diane Harder (Davidson)

Here's a question I wonder about. I, personally, did not realize the Vietnam War was happening during my lifetime. After it was over, I found out that it had been going on while I was alive.

I wonder how this was for others?

My husband is just one class year older (not quite 12 months), but his parents are very active politically and he is the 3rd child, with 2 older brothers and a draft. He was very aware of the war.

My parents are not particularly political and I am the oldest.

Were you aware of the war as it was happening? Do you think your family was especially politically active? Are you the oldest?

Just wondering. Thanks.

-- Diane

04/14/09 09:28 AM #9    

Diane Harder (Davidson)

Another thing I wonder about, in reviewing and remembering my youth, is Muslims. There were Christians at our schools and certainly Jews, were there Muslims? Was it that I was just unaware of them, or were there few or none?

Just wondering. Thanks.

-- Diane

04/14/09 09:14 PM #10    

Linda Lane (White)

Yes, Diane. I was unaware of the goings on with the war as well. Just remember a lot of newscasts mentioning it all, but, there was no concern in my household growing up. Pretty sad, eh?!

05/25/09 07:58 PM #11    

Diane Harder (Davidson)

OK, I imagine Linda Lane White isn't too keen on YouTube songs - maybe? - but I love 'em.

So, tonight she's listening to the Miracles (wow, love 'em) and I am poking around YouTube and I came up with:

"I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

That's doesn't really sing my song - but it has the disco roller blader dancing along and made me smile.

What really makes me smile is:

"I Will Derive"

Which is really cool, in the nerd beat.


06/02/09 04:19 PM #12    

Dana Hause (Gaspers) are a nut!

Re the songs...a lot of songs that were down right annoying in high school, now have an, "AWE" kind of feeling..Guess that's cuz they bring back those times so vividly. And tho some of my friends considered me a "rocker" I couldn't stand the severe head banging either...had to be some kind of melody with a riff or two.(I made my sisters in law laugh at me at a wedding back in farm country Nebraska while I did my air guitar thang at the reception tee hee...)
But I've been a huge country fan for years. In fact my kids have that common thread, Logan likes classic rock...and country. Kailey likes hip hop...and country, and Lindsey likes classical, hip hop ...and country..
And the Viet Nam thing..I was very aware. My uncle and Janet Butler's uncle were both over there(Janet lived on the corner of my street and we were best friends for yrs!!!)
My mom had me and my brothers write letters to my uncle and his best friend and my uncle was very good at writing back. She saved all of my uncle's letters and kept them in an album. When I was cleaning the house out I found it and presented it to my uncle, who now lives in Madera. You should've seen his face! He's writing a book by the way. Glad I got that to him b4 he finished!
I also remember watching a show about Vietnam when I was in my late teens, and calling my uncle who was then living up in Alaska and crying, telling him I was so glad he made it out ok.
My parents were both very politically aware, tho they happened to be on opposite sides of the coin...weird cuz I think they basically agreed on most issues.
Haven't been on here in a while...glad to see it's still hopping!

06/03/09 08:44 PM #13    

Linda Lane (White)

Of course I like YouTube videos! I love all kinds of music - from the 30's through now...ok, well, maybe I'm an old soul...but, the songs from the 60's and 70's had so much more meaning to them than songs written today. They don't call me the "Singing" Realtor for nothing!

06/26/09 08:43 AM #14    

Diane Harder (Davidson)

Dana, that is lovely. Thanks for sharing that story about uncles and letters.

07/03/09 08:30 AM #15    

Lila Dalool (Burns)

I have been thinking about Grad Night. Does anyone remember Tom Sawyer Island? Wasn't the feature singer that Night in the water Michael Jackson? It just keeps coming back to me that it was him.

11/30/09 11:50 AM #16    

Betty Robinson (Barela)

Grad Night was great. I do remember Tom Sawyer Island. I believe it was Rose Royce. Wishing on a Star, Car Wash, I Wanna Get Next To You. Disneyland has changed many times over since 1979. How does everyone else Remember Grad Night?

02/09/17 04:23 AM #17    


Gregory Antonucci (Antonucci)

Did any one know my mother .. Maria Ann Monrean??

02/09/17 08:50 AM #18    


David Rutherford

She and I were among the first employees at Burger King on Lake Anenue in Pasadena when it opened in 1978. I believe she was also in a class or two with me. How is she Gregory? I haven't seen her since high school.

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