JMHS Faculty


(As of May 26, 2010)
Chuck Malouf, Muir Teacher, 1972-2005
The information below has been gathered from many sources, including the yearbook, former students and current/former faculty and staff.   The information is accurate according to my research.
Name                                      Position Held                                                 Current Position
Snyder, James                         Principal                                                          Unknown
Eastman, Emma                      Assistant Principal, Instruction                        Unknown
Christy, Carolyn                      Assistant Principal, Discipline                           Deceased
Cooke, Don                             Assistant Principal, Activities                           Retired
Talbert, Gary                           Attendance Coordinator                                  Retired
Storms, Jim                              Dean of Men                                                    Retired
Elgin, Paul                               Counselor                                                       Deceased
Fryer, Richard                          Counselor                                                        Retired
McKay, Keith                           Counselor                                                        Deceased
Devirian, Joe                           Counselor                                                        Deceased
Barr, Charlie                            Counselor                                                       Unknown
Newman, Eddie                       Counselor                                                       Retired
Lambert, Eugene                     Counselor                                                       Retired
Rodriguez, John                       Counselor                                                        Retired
Smith, George                         Counselor                                                        Unknown
Serafin, Lois                             Nurse                                                              Unknown
Williams, B.                              Nurse                                                              Unknown
Sewell, J.                                 Custodian                                                        Retired
Whittington, D.                       Custodian                                                        Unknown
Embro, Charles                       Custodian                                                        Unknown
Barrel, D.                                Custodian                                                        Unknown
Ryland, Major James              Custodian                                                        Unknown
Petitt, A.                                 Custodian                                                        Unknown
Salazar, R.                               Custodian                                                        Unknown
Massey, P.                               Custodian                                                        Unknown
Barnes, James                          Custodian                                                        Deceased
Soto, P.                                   Custodian                                                        Unknown
Collins, Paul                            Custodian                                                        Retired
Dewey, Bob                            Head Custodian                                              Retired
Demry, Tobe                           Custodian                                                       Deceased
Anderson, Doris                      Librarian                                                         Retired
Anderson, Frances                  Cafeteria                                                        Unknown
Bogosian, Helen                      Cafeteria                                                        Unknown
Bolton, Eugene                       Aide/Security                                                  Unknown
Brown, William                       Aide/Security                                                   Unknown
Buck, Dorothea                       Secretarial                                                      Unknown
Burns, Virginia                        Library Clerk                                                   Retired
Carter, Gretchen                     Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Cousins, James                        Aide/Security                                                  Unknown
Diconti, Dorothy                     Student Bank                                                  Unknown
Evans, Sylvia                          Student Bank                                                  Unknown
Floies, Virginia                        Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Flowers, Willie Mae                Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Gerhardt, Jan                          Secretarial                                                       Unknown
Green, Charles                        Aide/Security                                                  Unknown
Grossman, Betty                     Cafeteria                                                         Retired
James, Dorothy                       Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Jewal, Sonny                           Aide/Security                                                  Unknown
Johnson, Louella                     Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Macabitis, Lucille                    Cafeteria                                                          Unknown 
Mager, Barbara                       Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Martin, Snowdie                     Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
McIntyre, Marian                    Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Metcalf, Edi                            Secretary                                                         Retired
Miller, Maurice                        Aide/Security                                                  Unknown
Osborne, Marcia                      Secretary                                                         Retired
Petty, Virginia                         Secretary                                                         Retired
Piggee, Nettie                         Aide/Security                                                 Retired, 6/09
Ramsey, Ethel                         Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Rector, Jean                            Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Rivera, Margarita                    Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Robinson, Betty                      Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Robinson, Mack                      Aide/Security                                                  Deceased
Shear, Belinda                         Secretary, AP                                                  City of Pasadena
Spore, Fern                              Library Clerk                                                   Unknown
Sterling, Mike                         Aide/Security                                                 Unknown
Streiber, Hildegard                 Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Tartakian, Sue                         Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Thomas, Mary                         Cafeteria                                                         Unknown
Turner, Clyde                          Aide                                                                Retired
Alosi, John                              Driver Training                                                Retired
Altounian, Warren                  P.E./Soccer/Handball/Spec. Educ                   Deceased 2011
Arnold, Helen                         Unknown                                                        Unknown
Atwater, Roy                          English                                                            Retired
Barnes, Bob                            Social Science                                          Retired + CSULA Professor
Bates, Vodie (Herrin)             P.E.                                                                 Retired
Bayless, Patricia                      Social Science                                                 Unknown
Bell, Bob                                 Math/Stage/Assemblies                                   Retired
Bernthal, Fred                         Math/Water Polo                                             Retired
Berryman, Richard                  Math                                                                Retired
Bielenfeld, Lynn                     Spanish/Communication Skills                       Real Estate Sales
Blackwell, Aljean (Ivory)       English                                                            Retired
Blank, Gerald                          Math                                                                Retired
Bonilla, Sam                            Math                                                                Retired
Boronkay, Irv                          Social Science                                                 Deceased
Bostrom, Jon                           Math                                                                Retired
Botello, Charlotte                   Home Economics                                            Unknown
Bourne, Ross                           Social Science                                                 Deceased
Brennan, William                    Unknown                                                        Unknown
Broussard, Muriel                   Foreign Language                                           Deceased
Brownfield, Jim                      P.E./Football                                                   Deceased
Buckner, Gayle                       Business                                                          Retired
Bumatay, Andrew                  Music                     Bass Player - Orange County Symphony
Burrud, Sheila (Storms)          P.E.                                                                Retired, Henderson, NV
Carlson, Sig                             Math                                                                Deceased
Cash, Larry                             Industrial Arts                                                 Retired
Cervera, Mignon                     Foreign Language                                           Unknown
Chamberlain, Lisa                   Business                                                          Retired + PCC
Christy, Carolyn                      P.E., Typing, Dean of Students                      Deceased
Coates, Betty                          Nursery Aide                                                  Unknown
Cosner, John                           Science                                                            Retired, Atwater, CA?
Creeth, Dave                           Foreign Language/English                              Unknown
Crumb, Dwight                       TV Broadcasting                                             Retired
Culbertson, Walt                     P.E., Swimming, Water Polo                          Retired
Curtis, Ed                                Student Law                                                   Unknown
Davis, Boyd                            Social Science                                                 Retired
Davis, John                             P.E., Basketball                                               Retired
Dea, Jeanne                             Business                                                          Retired
Dumbauld, James                    Learning Center                                              Deceased
Duncan, Dan                           Science                                                            L.A. County schools
Endrusick, Stan                       Business                                                          Deceased
Evans, Mark                            Sp. Educ./P.E.                                                 Unknown
Foster, Doris                           Special Education                                           Deceased
Gagnon, Normand                  Foreign Language                                           Deceased
Garnett, Sherman                    Soc. Sci./Football                                            Unknown
Glover, Halper                         Unknown                                                        Unknown
Gormley, Russell                     ROTC                                                             Unknown
Grant, Don                              Soc. Sci./Business                                           Deceased
Greller, Pam                            Special Education                                           Unknown
Gross, Richard                         Special Education                                           Unknown
Hamilton, Nancy                     P.E.                                                                 Professor, Ohio State?
Hansen, Al                              Social Science                                                 Deceased
Hardman, King                       Social Science                                                 Unknown
Higgins, Pauline                      Unknown                                                        Unknown
Hoeven, Allene                       P.E.                                                                 Deceased
Holloway, Simeon                  Unknown                                                        Unknown
Hougasian, Marguerite            Music/Drama                                                   Retired
Howe, Judith                          Math                                                                Unknown
Hoyt, Richard                         English                                                            Deceased
Hoyt, Veronica                       English                                                            Retired, Bakersfield?
Hutcherson, Frankye               Consumer/Homemaking                                 Deceased
Jessee, Tom                             P.E./Math                                                        Unknown
Jones, Robert                          Social Science                                                 Deceased
Jones, Sylvia                           Foreign Language                                           Retired, Long Beach
Kaminsky, Steve                     Music/Social Science                                      Unknown
Kenck, Marge                         Social Science                                                 Retired
Koblin, Bernie                         Health/Driver Education                                 Retired + PCC?
Kohatsu, Maizie                     Spanish                                                           Muir, Same
Lampark, Faye                        English                                                            Deceased
Last, Fran                                Math                                                                Retired
Lauderdale, Margaret             Special Education                                           Unknown
Leighton, Ralph                      Math/P.E.                                                        Unknown
Lile, Patsy                               English                                                            Real Estate Sales
Lucas, Genevieve                    Homemaking                                                   Unknown
Luke, Dan                               P.E./Social Science                                         Retired
Mack, Walt                             Social Science                                                 Deceased, Aug 2010
Malcom, Barrie                       Social Science                                                 Unknown
Malouf, Chuck                        Business, Consumer Education                      Retired, 2005
McCarthy, Tom                       English                                                            Retired
Montoya, Ken                         Science                                                            Unknown
Moore, Terry                           English                                                            Retired
Morales, Ray                           Industrial Arts                                                 Retired
Muir, James                             Science                                                            Deceased
Muldoon, James                      English                                                            Deceased
Navarro, George                     Social Science                                                 Retired
Newton, Archie                      Math/Basketball                                         Prin., Covina Continuation
Oberholtzer, Luanne               English/Drama                                                Retired
Opp, Walt                               P.E., track                                                       Deceased
Paulson, Orlan                         Health                                                             Deceased
Pinney, Ralph                          English, Reading                                             Retired
Pon, Dan                                Special Education                                          Muir, Same
Rael, Isadore                           Industrial Arts, Print Shop                              Deceased
Ranes, Karen                           Unknown                                                        Unknown
Reyna, Victor                          Math, P.E.                                                       Retired
Rice, Ken                                Social Science                                                 Retired
Riherd, James                          English                                                            Retired + PCC
Robenson, Pam                       English                                                            Unknown
Sallee, Loyle                           Math                                                                Retired + PCC
Sariego, Roger                        Social Science                                                 Deceased
Seavey, Stan                           English                                                            Deceased
Shirar, Loren                           Art                                                                   Retired
Sims, Hugh                             Industrial Arts                                                 Deceased
Smith, Rosemary                     English                                             Same, High School in Las Vegas
Stalder-Burke, Marilyn           English                                                            Retired
Stanman, Roger                      Social Science                                                 Retired
Stanton, Bill                            Photography/Math                                          Retired
Stanton, John                          Science                                                            Deceased
Stellern, Gary                          Science                                                            Retired
Stellway, Elsie                         P.E.                                                                 Deceased
Storms, Jim                             P.E., Football                                             Retired, Henderson, NV
Summers, Marie                      English, Resource Center                                Deceased
Talbert, Bette                          Art                                                             Retired, PUSD Substitute
Talbert, Gary                           Social Science, Athletic Director,      Retired Attendance Coordinator
Therou, Francois                     Foreign Language                                           Unknown
Thornton, Dwain                     Industrial Arts                                                 Retired, Reno?
Tinker, Carolyn                       P.E.                                                                 Deceased
White, Roger                           English                                                            Deceased
Wiggins, Walter                      Printing                                                           Unknown
Winebarger, Ron                     Science                                                            Unknown
Yarbrough, Del                       Math                                                                Retired
Yates, Nancy                          Math                                                                Unknown
Yoder, Ken                             Math                                                                Retired
Younger, Rollie                       Art                                                                   Retired
Zweers, John                           Social Science                                                 Deceased